Enjoy GOLF in Upstate South Carolina

Bonnie Brae Golf Club


Blue tees - 3344 yards

White tees - 3164 yards

Gold tees - 2689 yards

Red tees - 2530 yards

Front Nine at Bonnie Brae

Hole No. 4

Par 4

Blue 555  yards

White 523 yards

Gold 480 yarde

Red 380 yards

Gentle Dog Leg to the left.  This par 5 has its true "risk-reward" characteristic.  Lay up for a comfortable approach or risk the green and bring in the hazard and trees into the equation.

Hole No. 5

Par 4

Blue 345 yards

White 326 yards

Gold 309 yards

Red 298 yards

A Dog Leg right, short shot to the corner;  short to mid-iron to the green.  Seems simple.  Accuracy is a must.

Hole No. 6

Par 4

Blue 396 yards

White 368 yards

Gold 295 yards

Red 290 yards

Slight downhill Par 4.  Favor the right side of the fairway for the best angle to approach this green.

Hole No. 7

Par 3

Blue 155 yards

White 139 yards

Gold 90 yards

Red 85 yards

Select the right club and take dead aim.  An opportunity to make birdie starting the turn back to the Clubhouse..

Hole No. 8

Par 5

Blue 522 yards

White 493 yards

Gold 350 yards

Red 342 yards

Slight left to right Par 5.  With a few solid shots, another birdie could be had on # 8.

Hole No. 9

Par 4

Blue 378 yards

White 362 yards

Gold 300 yards

Red 292 yards

Be careful not to cut too much off the corner.  The Dog Leg right never seems to end, protected tee to green on the right.  

Hole No. 3

Par 3

Blue 162 yards

White 150 yard

Gold 140 yards

Red 134 yards

Club selection on # 3 is difficult to gauge.  Down hill on tee shot and swirling winds, the welcoming approach to the green invites many to roll the ball onto this green.

Hole No. 2

Par 4

Blue 374 yards

White 359 yards

Gold 295 yards

Red 289 yards

A slight dog leg left.  Being in the fairway is only part of the battle.  The green at # 2 is guarded by a large oak, making this a very demanding approach shot.

Hole No. 1

Par 4/5

Blue 457 yards

White 444 yards

Gold 430 yards

Red 420 yards


Get your round started on this long straightaway Par 4.  This generous driving hole tapered by pine tress invites you to swing away.